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Share Money Card to Card
Share money

Sharing Money Card to Card couldn't be easier!

With your Silver Lycamoney Card you can add up to 3 companion cards to share money for FREE to friends or family, virtually anywhere in the world*.

Follow these 3 simple steps below:

Step:1 Log in to your secure My Account area and "Request Companion Card(s)." Provide your name, mobile number and contact email of your chosen companion card holder(s)

Step:2 Once you receive your cards, hand out your cards to friends and family to activate

Step:3 Start sharing money! Your companions will receive money in seconds and each card will have their own balance to spend.

If you're a Lycamobile customer, you can also share money via a FREE SMS from your registered Lycamobile.

Simply send a text to 1212 saying "Send [amount] [last 4 digits of your card] [last 4 digits of companion card]

Here's an example:

Send 100 1234 9876

This would send £100 from your card (1234) to your companion card (9876)